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Spa Gregorie’s Holiday Poem

Happy Holidays from Spa Gregorie’s Twas the night before Christmas, the Spa was now closed Not a creature was stirring above or below. But Santa’s big night had only begun He had millions of stops before morning’s sun He’d toiled all year for this fabulous night To make sure...

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Sleepy Time Treats

There is a way you can give in to those nighttime cravings and still get restful sleep. Try some sleepy time chocolate or deserts that will completely hit the spot and give you a good night’s sleep. The best way to do create these relaxing treats is by combining...

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Foods That Help with Anxiety

In today’s society, anxiety and stress is more prominent than ever. Our high paced society creates nearly constant stress that has just been looked at as a norm. However, there are ways to alleviate this anxiety and stress, and one of the easiest is centered around food! What Effects...

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The History of Waxing

Body hair removal techniques have dated back thousands of years, so by no means is it a modern practice. Different tools and practices have advanced throughout the ages, ultimately paving the way for new technology and practices we all know and have become accustomed to. Ancient Customs The practice...

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