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Shock Your Skin and Get Results

Shock Your Skin and Get Results

Just like anything in life too much exposure to something can cause it to be less effective over time. The same rules apply to your skin and the products as well as treatments you use on them.  When you first start off using products they may work wonders on your face but after a while, most products will start doing less and less until eventually, they do nothing. The process of this change is tachyphylaxis, which is when a product loses its efficacy over time as your skin adjusts to it. Though tachyphylaxis usually refers to concentrated active ingredients (elements that have been scientifically studied and proven to yield results, such as retinol and salicylic acid), the term can also be applied to creams and other products to which your skin stops responding over time. It’s important that you shock your skin every now and again to ensure that you’re receiving better results from the different products and skin care treatments you get.

If you think about it taking care of your skin is a lot like working out. If you do the same workouts every day your body will get used to those workouts and they won’t be as effective as they once were but if you shock your body or do different workouts every day you tend to see better results. When you shock your skin with something new and then go back to your regular regime your skin appreciates it more. There can also be other reasons why your skin is reacting the same to the products, for example, a product making your skin look radiant may appear not to be working when winter weather dulls the skin. But if you were to stop the product, the skin would look even duller. Or if you’re on a crash diet or are dehydrated and the skin, as a result, looks dry, you might think your moisturizer is failing.

When You Should Switch It Up

Switching up your skincare regime is just one of the many ways you can ensure that your skincare products stay effective. If you’re wondering when there’s a good time to switch up your skincare, a good practice is to do it when the seasons change. When the seasons go from cold to hot or hot to cold your skin has different needs. Depending on your skin type your skin could need more moisture, and a good exfoliation when it’s colder out. Since your skin has different needs it’s a really good time to change your skincare products and shock your skin with something new.

Another good time to change what you’re using is when you notice the product isn’t doing as much for you as it used to. At this point, your skin is getting used to your products so switching it up for a couple of weeks can bring back the effects you’re looking for in your other skincare products.


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