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The History of Waxing

The History of Waxing

Body hair removal techniques have dated back thousands of years, so by no means is it a modern practice. Different tools and practices have advanced throughout the ages, ultimately paving the way for new technology and practices we all know and have become accustomed to.

Ancient Customs

The practice of body hair removal goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Egyptians may have been the pioneers of removing body hair, but they spent the most time, removing every piece of hair on their body. Even then, they used beeswax to remove every strand of hair that they could. Hair removal was a symbol of high class and wealth in the Roman Era. They used razors or tweezers to remove the hair from their pubic and facial eras, as it was seen as an uncivilized trait. The late 1700s introduced the first straight razor, which was used primarily by men but by women as well. One of the first shaving creams was birthed in the 1800s, as well as the first modern-day razor by King Camp Gillette in 1880. It would not be for another 30 years that a razor designed specifically for women was created. 

The Beginning of Modern Day Practices

In the 1940s, the nylon shortage prompted by World War 2 led to beginning to not just shave their armpits, but their legs as well. Then in 1946, the bikini was created exposing more skin and thus causing women to remove hair from more regions of their body. The more clothing they removed, the more hair women were expected to shave. The 1960s introduced the first wax strips, allowing women to remove hair more easily! Brazilian waxes have become popular in the 1980s when two Brazilian sisters created a Salon inside the United States. They brought the Brazilian costume of waxing so the hair would not be visible when they were bikinis, and thus the Brazilian wax flooded into the American market. The bare look became popular in the 1990s as celebrities began endorsing this style.

Modern Day

With new technology emerging, body hair removal as become easier and more common than ever! Although it dates back centuries, waxing and shaving as progressed evermore with the changing styles and times. Whatever style of body hair removal suites you should make you feel confident in your own skin!



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