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Massage Treatments

Massage has confirmed therapeutic benefits beyond simply relieving sore muscles. Massage has been proven to increase circulation, strengthen connective tissues and the immune system, improve mental clarity and promote more restful sleep.

Swedish Massage

Using calming Classic European massage techniques, this nurturing therapy offers a full body massage to encourage increased circulation, improve muscle tone, relieve tension and soothe sore muscles. 

60 minutes $149
75 minutes $189
90 minutes $219

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure to specific trigger points of the body relieves stress and tension, stimulates energy, and allows the natural flow of oxygen to the blood. This treatment is therapeutic, energizing, as well as relaxing. An intense massage is recommended for those who have had massages before.

60 minutes $149
75 minutes $189
90 minutes $219


Incorporating reflexology with a massage of the scalp, neck & shoulders, this combination treatment encourages the body to naturally balance and correct itself. For maximum benefits, precede with a 20 minute sauna to warm up the muscles. 

60 minutes $149
75 minutes $189
90 minutes $219

Soothing Stones Massage

Unique therapy incorporates the use of warm smooth stones to melt away stress and ease your muscles.

 75 minutes $219


Maternity Massage

Your body is changing and experiencing unique stresses and strains. Our therapists are trained in maternity massage techniques to relax and relieve the aches and pains experienced by expectant mothers.

60 minutes $154
90minutes $224



Created by Spa Gregorie’s, our signature Fassage begins with a full-body massage and ends with a luxurious facial that provides cleansing, purifying, and rehydrating. Imagine continuous relaxation delivered by a therapist licensed in both massage and aesthetics to relieve tired muscles and revive tired skin. 

90 minutes $229
Maternity Fassage: $234


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage incorporates a “feather touch technique” performed by a Lymphatic trained therapist.

60 Minutes $149
90 Minutes $219


Oncology Massage

Oncology trained therapists recognize and work within clinically established guidelines to accommodate positioning, pressure or site considerations customized to address individual needs. If you are in, or have a history of, cancer treatment, please request an oncology-trained therapist. Physicians release may be required.
60 minutes $149
75 minutes $189
90 minutes $219