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Skincare by Age: Your 30s

Picture of Arcona's Cranberry Toner, Epicuren's Vitamin C Complex, and Arcona's Eye Dew Plus.

Skincare by Age: Your 30s

By the time you’re in your thirties, you know how important taking care of your skin is! Hopefully in your 20s you’ve learned that the basics like cleansing, hydrating your skin, and using sunscreen are essential. Now, here are a few more products to add to your routine to amp up the anti-aging factor and give you your most radiant skin yet.

1. ToneArcona’s Cranberry Toner

In your 30s you might find that your skin loses moisture a little more easily and that you are feeling dry after you cleanse your skin. We recommend adding in a hydrating toner like Arcona’s Cranberry Toner to add additional hydration after you cleanse. But not only does this product hydrate, it removes any excess makeup, protect and clarify skin with antimicrobial cranberry, neutralize free radicals, and nourishes the skin with rice milk. Added bonus – it’s super pretty to look at while it sits atop your vanity. The rice milk swirls in the liquid and looks like a shimmery lava lamp!

2. Brighten – Epicuren’s Vitamin C Complex (available in store)

The number one skincare issue amongst people in their 30s is hyperpigmentation. It might be from sun exposure (from when you didn’t wear sunscreen when you were younger…) or acne scarring, but it can be treated with a Vitamin C serum like this one from Epicuren. This formula will not just help brighten uneven skintone, it neutralizes free radicals and moisturizes your skin while doing both.

3. Treat Your Eyes Arcona’s Eye Dew Plus

Eye cream is an absolute essential at this time when you are starting to see fine lines and discoloration around your eyes. This ultra corrective anti-aging formula from Arcona smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity with Liquid Crystals. Vitamin C brightens and firms the delicate eye area.

Those are our 3 recommendations to add to your routine in your 30s to get maximum anti-aging impact! Stay tuned the following weeks to see what we recommend for your 40s, and 50s!



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