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Improve Your Gut

Improve Your Gut

Microbiomes are present in your gut and can benefit your life, making you thinner, happier, and aid in prolonging your life. Keeping the proper balance of bacteria, a correct diet and much more can greatly improve your life and well being.

What are Microbiomes?

Highly numerous and residing in your lower intestine, microbiomes are a large community of bacteria and fungi. They cover your gastrointestinal tract, existing in the trillions, and weigh more than the human brain; they are perhaps, just as important. While considered a recently discovered organ, they have a massive influence on your bodyweight, metabolism, immune system, propensity to illness, your mood, and your appetite. As more research is presented, the more realize exactly how vital these gut microbiomes truly are. Each person has a unique microbiome, as no two microbiomes are the same, but regardless of that, we can not live long without this community of bacteria that each of us has. As research has shown, the more diverse and abundant the microbiome is, the better it is for your health, helping to lower the risk of disease.

What Can You do To Keep Your Gut Microbiomes Healthy?

So how can you increase the number of positive bacteria in your body, and help improve your gut microbiome? The first thing you can do is change your diet to accommodate for better health and an increase in the number of bacteria in your gut. You should eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, preferably picking vegetables with high fiber content, such as artichokes, leeks, onions and garlic. Fiber is a great thing for you, and can help your microbiome, which will have great benefits on your health. Similarly, you should try to eat more fiber, with a goal of more than 40 grams of fiber per day. This can greatly benefit your health helping to reduce heart disease and cancer. Similar to improving your diet, you should avoid snacking, in order to give your mocribes a rest. To help you improve your diet, there are many foods that can benefit your health, and help increase the number of microbes in your gut. You should eat foods with polyphenols, or antioxidants, such as nuts, seeds, berries, olive oil, brassicas, coffee and tea. Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, as they disrupt the metabolism of microbes and reduce gut diversity. Lastly, you should avoid nonessential medicines, as they can destroy good and bad microbes. There are a lot of benefits in helping you increase the number of bacteria in your microbiome. If increasing your metabolism, avoiding diseases and illnesses, and helping improve your mood is enough to benefit your life, then taking steps to increase the amount of bacteria in your gut microbiome is a great suggestion for a healthy life!


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