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Top Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan

South Seas Tanning Products

Top Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan

Even though the summer is coming to an end, you can still stay golden and glowing with a stunning airbrush tan! Here are our top tips for a natural looking, long-lasting self tan!

Exfoliate prior to your tan.

The key to success for a beautiful even tan is to remove all the dead skin cells that exist on the surface of your skin. Exfoliate with a non-oil based scrub before you come in for your spray tan (or before you apply self tanner) to prevent color from clinging to any patchy dryness. At Spa Gregorie’s, we offer a pre-tan scrub that is perfect to prep for any tanning products. It’s also included in our Buff & Bronze Package.

Your spray tan at Spa Gregorie’s!

We use an organic solution from a manufacturer whose products are the choice of over 3,000 film and television productions, due to the quality and purity of their solution.  It is paraben-free, suitable for all skin types and provides a completely natural, glowing color. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients available including Certified Organic DHA, Shea Butter, Citrus, Ginseng, and Cucumber. Our solutions are never tested on animals.

We use a hand airbrush as opposed to machines for perfect tan application. Our technicians are able to adjust to each individual’s’ body type and customize your tan.

Avoid water for 6-8 hours after your tan.

Make sure to schedule your tan at a time when you will not be needing to shower or sweat for several hours. Many of our guests get their spray tans later in the day and then sleep before showering the next morning.

Use a tan extender to help lengthen the life of your tan!

A good tan (on a perfectly exfoliated body) can last upwards of 7 days. A gradual tanning lotion applied after the initial day of your spray tan can help make it last even longer. This will not only keep the skin hydrated, but will continue to develop a beautiful glow.  The Tan Extender from South Seas is a wonderful product for this. Avoid exfoliating after your tan as well because that will accelerate fading.

Pat – don’t rub – your skin dry.

After the initial day of your tan, feel free to shower, swim in the pool, or resume your regular workout activity! Your tan will now have set and won’t be affected by water. But make sure to pat your skin dry after showering! This will prevent the tan from fading prematurely and scrubbing off from the act of rubbing your skin dry.

Enhance your tan with South Seas products!

The Island Glow Body Bronzer, Beach Bling Shimmer Lotion, and Tahitian Tan Mist are all wonderful options from South Seas to enhance your tan for the weeks following your original airbrush appointment. The body bronzer can be applied all over to add a bit of extra color and glow. The shimmer lotion provides a beautiful shimmer to your tan for special events or a night out. And the tan mist is perfect to touch up your tan if you feel like any particular spot is looking a little uneven. You can get any of these products here at the spa!


That’s it! Armed with all of these tips, you’ll be able to get and keep the perfect airbrush tan, all starting at Spa Gregorie’s. Click here to book your appointment now!




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