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Posture and Movement at Work

Posture and Movement at Work

Posture and Movement at Work

How to Sit Properly at a Desk and Don’t Forget to Get Up and Move Around!

For a lot of us who sit in front of the computer most days, it’s hard to remember that sitting there without movement for long periods of time is not especially good for our bodies. Do you sit at a desk much of the time? To improve the health and comfort of your back and spine (not to mention your digestive system), be sure you’re in a good chair designed for desk work and remember to get up and move around every hour.

Posture in your chair: Your back should be straight, your shoulders back, and the top of your monitor should be level with your eyes. If you have to look down or up, you need to adjust the height of your screen. Also, make sure that your wrists do not lay on the keyboard or on the mousepad (unless you have a pad with a wrist rest). This will help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Keep your legs bent at the knees so that the knees are only slightly higher than your hips. Feet should be flat on the floor or on a step stool of some sort.

Movement out of your chair: If you need a reminder, get a simple kitchen timer to remind you when each hour is up. Then engage in slow, simple movements to loosen things up: Forward bends, easy waist twisting, raising your arms above your head, knee bends and so on. Sitting on a stability ball at your desk can also improve posture. It’s also a good time to drink some water and take a few deep, nourishing breaths. (Take some deep belly breaths: breathe in for five counts through your nose, pause, breathe out through your mouth for five counts). Deep breathing a few times a day will definitely help your stress levels!

Taking just a minute each hour to move around and breathe will make you feel more relaxed and improve blood flow!


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