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I’m dehydrated but my skin is oily… what’s up?

I’m dehydrated but my skin is oily… what’s up?

Dehydrated vs. Oily Skin 101

“If it’s so dry out, why does my skin feel so oily?!”

Oil in balanced amounts prevents aging by lubricating our skin and protecting it against free radicals that cause aging and dehydration which causes wrinkles.  Healthy amounts of oil lock in hydration.

However, when our skin gets “dehydrated” (lacking in water) our body fights back the only way it can by producing more oil. (Our bodies cannot produce water, just oil).

So, if you’re experiencing strangely oily skin, in this dry climate, don’t strip it with products made for oily skin!  First try to “replenish” the lost hydration with products rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and other humectants.  (Stay tuned from more information on dry vs. dehydrated vs. oily skin)

First Defense try: ARCONA Hydrating Serum  or Epicuren Moisture Surge



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