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How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 5

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 5

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 5

(Part 5 of 7)  By Sophie Parmenter, Spa Gregorie’s Lead Esthetician and Trainer

My Top Skin-Friendly Nutrients:

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – decreases skin roughness
COENZYME Q10 – lessens crows feet
GREEN TEA EXTRACT – neutralizes free radicals protects against sun damage
SELENIUM and SILICA – improves skin elasticity, fights wrinkles, helps brittle hair and nails
VITAMINS C and E – high antioxidant, lightens age spots reduces fine lines and wrinkles, rebuilds collagen
POMEGRANATE EXTRACT and RESVERSATOL – protects against free radicals and decreases fine lines

Here are ways to implement supplements into our bodies:

  • ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: red meat, organ meats such as liver, and brewers yeast have this high in content.  You may also take in capsule form; 20-50 mg per day recommended.
  • COENZYME Q10: salmon or tuna, whole grains, or capsule form 30-200 mg recommended.
  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT:  I have as a tea or put in fridge as an iced tea drink.  Add in cranberry juice to spice up your tea, preferably decaffeinated and organic when buying your tea bags! 🙂
  • SELENIUM: crab, liver , fish , poultry and wheat all have this.  If taken in supplement form, 60-90 mg a day.
  • SILICA: most fruit and veggies have this, but I purchase in a gel form and add to smoothies!
  • POMEGRANATE EXTRACT: you may get the fruit when in season.  Also Trader Joes has them already opened and prepared for you.  I sprinkle on my yougurt with some granola and honey.  Or buy the juice and add to smoothies.  It also comes in a capsule form in the antioxidant section!
  • RESVERSATOL: Most popularly found in red wine!! Also found in capsule form; 100 mg a day is recommended.

Sophia’s Special Tips I bet ya didn’t know!!!!

    1. Stay clear of overeating sushi, because its RAW it can contain higher levels of bacteria.
    2. Come early to the spa before your appointment and sweat out toxins regularly in the sauna.
    3. Spa Gregorie’s offers Lymphatic Massage, which will help move toxins along.
    4. Wash your pillows as well as pillow cases to remove microscopic bacteria that can be trapped in your pores

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