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Having Smarter Rest Days

Having Smarter Rest Days

Get the proper amount of rest is important but not just when it comes to sleeping. Rest is also important when it comes to relaxing your body and your mind. People are constantly on the go, and even when they take a “rest day” they are not technically resting. Resting means not doing any strenuous activities that require your mind or your body work too hard. It also means being in a relaxing or calming environment that isn’t too stimulus. Rest can come in the form of sleep or in the form of relaxation. Taking a proper rest day is not just for preventing injuries, fatigue, and burnout but to simply staying healthy. If you know how important rest days are you’ll know taking smarter rest days can help you make the most out of this special day. So how do you have smarter rest days?

How To Take A Rest Day

Say no! If you are spending the day doing restful things you’ll probably have to incorporate the word no into your vocabulary that day. Say no to running errands, say no to helping out a friend, or even cleaning up your home. None of those things are apart of resting. Just because you have time to do all those things now doesn’t mean you should. It is perfectly okay to spend the day only doing the restful things you want to do.

Rest the mind as well as the body. You might not know this but when you are under mental stress, your body tends to stress as well. Your muscles start to tighten, the heart begins racing, and so much more. If you are mentally worked up, your body is unable to relax, so remember to rest your mind as well as your body when you have a rest day.

Resting works best when your environment is relaxing. If you can’t seem to take it easy when you’re at home force yourself to go somewhere you will. You can head to the beach, go to the park, wherever you find yourself taking it easy.  Just remember that rest days don’t come often, don’t waste them not resting!


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