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Banish Cellulite!

Banish Cellulite!

Tanning series copyBikini season is upon us, and more than ever we want firmer, smoother looking skin. So, we are going to take a look into what causes those bumps and lumps known as cellulite, and how to get rid of it!

So, what causes that dimpled appearance on the thighs, butt, and upper arms? Although fat is a component, other factors such as poor circulation, an abundance of toxins, unhealthy food choices, lack of exercise, and a decrease in collagen production may all be reason to blame for the “orange peel” look. Processed and fried foods, as well as sugars and white carbohydrates, act as toxins in the body, which may cause cellulite to form.

  • White carbohydrates cause you to retain fluid
  • Sweets like soda and candy get trapped in the fat cells and causes them to swell.
  • Artificial sweeteners cause a build-up of cellulite causing toxins
  • Processed foods have a high additive content which results in toxins and internal inflammation
  • Alcohol has a similar reaction to the body as soda
  • Dairy contains enzymes that the body cannot fully break down.

What you eat and drink can encourage and increase the formation of unwanted lumps and bumps.

exerciseOk, so the big question, how do I get rid of it? The most important thing is to exercise and turn to foods that can discourage the formation of unwanted lumps and bumps. Add these cellulite-busting foods to your grocery list and stay away from the aforementioned offenders.

water glass

  1. Pineapple: Rich in potassium and vitamin C, and bromelain, which helps increase blood circulation.
  2. Water: Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will help plump the skin and make it look thicker and more supple to camouflage cellulite, as well as helps your body release stored toxins.
  3. Asparagus: This veggie strengthens veins and capillaries to normalize blood circulation.
  4. Green Tea: Contains catechins, which have been shown to help prevent the breakdown of collagen, a necessary component for strong, firm skin.

Some other important things to remember during your combat with cellulite are to stay hydrated, rev up circulation, and stimulate

legscollagen. The better hydrated your body, the plumper the skin cells are, which can help diffuse the look of cellulite and make skin look and feel smoother. And when you still need a little extra help, turn to anti-cellulite treatments, such as Endermologie. Click here to learn how Endermologie can assist with your anti-cellulite quest.



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