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Tips to Get Rid of Summer Beauty Bummers

Tips to Get Rid of Summer Beauty Bummers

Tips to Get Rid of Summer Beauty Bummers

When the beach is calling, there’s no need to let a blemish, or sneaky stubble get in the way.  CBS 8 – San Diego News‘ Kimberly King speaks with Spa Director Carmel Abbgy from Spa Gregorie’s Del Mar on tips to get rid of those pesky summer problems.

Click here to watch the TV segment: Tips to get rid of summer beauty bummers.


Ever dash out the door only to get in the sunlight and spot a strip of hair running down your leg? Avoid that serious shaving faux pas and master the art of quick hair zapping.
*GET RID OF IT:  Shaving out of the shower isn’t ideal because steam from the shower softens hair making it easier to shave. But if you’re already dressed, apply oil to the area to give your skin slip and avoid razor burn. Strands peering out of your suit? Pull skin taut, then tweeze in the direction hair grows to avoid ingrown hairs. Less hair means less stubble. Swap blades after five uses, as a dull razor will always leave stubble!


Blemishes can happen year-round, but sun, heat and humidity create a perfect pimple storm. Make a clear complexion a reality.
*GET RID OF ‘EM: Trapped bacteria causes your immune system to create a flare-up, resulting in fire-engine red skin. Hold an ice cube on the spot for two 30-second intervals, then use a cleanser with tried-and-true salicylic acid to dissolve dead skin cells within pores so bacteria can no longer flourish. Use your cleanser with the new Clarisonic Mia2 to exfoliate the skin and keep pores clear from the get-go.  And throughout the day, use blotting papers to absorb excess. Piling on makeup just traps even more bacteria within skin so avoid layering on foundation or powder.


A UV-free spray tan is a skin saver. But there’s a downside: A faux glow can quickly go awry when applied improperly.
*GET RID OF ‘EM: Even out streaks. You can erase those icky zebra stripes with a self-tanner remover, which breaks down chemical bonds color has made with the amino acids in your skin. You will see results immediately! OR, if you’re on the go and don’t have time to apply remover, take the opposite approach and fill spots with liquid bronzer. To prevent these streaks from appearing in the first place, you must have smooth skin for even coverage so make sure to exfoliate before applying tanner! Use a water-based body scrub such as the South Seas Bora Bora Body Polish available at Spa Gregorie’s.


The weather is heating up and it’s HOT out there. If you want your hair off your face but dread the kink that appears after you take it down…there is a solution! Sweeping hair up is easy. Smoothing the dent that remains after you take your ponytail out? Not so much. Refresh your style without breaking a sweat and get rid of those pesky hair no-nos.
*GET RID OF IT: If you have straight hair: Rub a styling cream directly into the crease to make hair malleable. Then slide one side of a flatiron back and forth along the dent. Make sure not to clamp down with the iron. It will just create a new line. If you have curly hair: Simply blend the crease into hair. Revive curls on the top and sides of your head (they’ve been stretched straight) by spritzing them with water. When hair is wet, it reverts to its natural texture.


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