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Spa Gregorie’s Stylists Take it to the Next Level

Spa Gregorie’s Stylists Take it to the Next Level

Spa Gregorie’s Stylists Take it to the Next Level

by Spa Gregorie’s DM Marketing Coordinator

Spa Gregorie’s is proud to announce that three of our stylists, from both the Del Mar and Rancho Santa Margarita salons, recently joined the prestigious group of American Board of Certified Haircolorists. This certification process is dedicated to promoting credibility in stylists and salons alike, as well as sustaining predictability in the eyes of their consumers by mentoring these individuals into professional haircolorists. To have stylists with these credentials is the desire of salons worldwide, but very few have employees with the aspiration to compete with others through the demanding six month mentoring program. Continuing education is an important asset in all divisions of health and wellness at Spa Gregorie’s, and in this case it has allowed our stylists to become the best of the best. Continuing haircolor education allows our stylists to learn things such as color correction, keeping up with most recent trends, and how to maintain the integrity of the hair through our use of top-of-the-line products (such as the #1 Haircolor in the world, L’Oreal, used in all of our salons). Most importantly this certification allows Spa Gregorie’s stylists to continue to seek out the well-being of our guests by their confidence in what is best for their unique ‘look’. Out of 20,000 stylists in California, only 164 are board certified, and four of those are at Spa Gregorie’s salons just waiting to make you look and feel radiant! We invite back our current salon guests, welcome new ones, and feel assured that each of you will leave feeling as confident about your look as they do creating it for you.

Read more about each of our ABCH Stylists here:

Colleen King
Licensed for 16 years, since 1994, Colleen has spent her years as a stylist working and training with some of the best including Rusk, Redken, L’Oreal, and Aveda. She even spent a few years as a barber and cutting and styling Men’s hair is a favorite of hers. Colleen joined the Spa Gregorie’s team eager to bring her knowledge to new clients. Knowing that communication is key, Colleen welcomes clients to book consultations to ensure that together they can create a look that makes the client look and feel fabulous. Originally from New York, Colleen is able to provide clients with looks that range from edgy to sophisticated. Her abilities are limitless. While she loves every part of being a stylist, Colleen’s favorite thing to do is provide clients with a complete makeover to redefine their image. Not only will Colleen pamper your scalp at the shampoo bowl, but you’ll also leave the salon with a brand new style.

Why ABCH? Although Colleen has been doing color services throughout her career, she wanted to set a standard of excellence that clients can count on. The ABCH provides a standard of predictability and consistency to ensure satisfaction for any color situation. It changes a colorist to a master colorist!

Schedule an appointment with Colleen at Spa G DM – 858.481.6672 or Click Here to request an appointment

Shelle Lennberg McMullin Shelle had an eventful childhood growing up in Littleton, Colorado. At age six she was nicknamed “the mop” because people said she didn’t have a care about how she looked. Shelle carried around a queen medusa hairstyle for years. She’s always been an entertainer, now, all the way to being your realistic, down to earth hair stylist. Now, Shelle finds herself in a new place, Southern California, except this time she carries a real mop in her hands and would love to transform you and turn your mop into something beautiful!

Why ABCH? Shelle has passion for her work and clients, which shows in all that she strives for. She rose to the challenge for its experience to become board certified and scored in the top of her group!

Schedule an appointment with Shelle at Spa G RSM – 949.858.9455 or Click Here to request an appointment


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