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Spa Etiquette – Do’s and Taboos

Spa Etiquette – Do’s and Taboos

Spa Etiquette – Do’s and Taboos

A certain code of conduct exists in the spa world in order to enhance the experience for each guest, and maintain the spa’s tranquil environment. Whether you are a first-time spa goer or a veteran, there may be questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but just didn’t know how. By all means, ask the spa staff for guidance, but for starters, here are answers to some frequently-asked questions:

What to wear:

  • If you are having a massage, it is best to remove all your clothing and jewelry. We have locking lockers in which store your belongings, as well as a robe to wear in the public areas of the spa. During treatment, you will NEVER have more than a leg, arm, or your back exposed, so don’t worry about indecent exposure!
  • In the interest of optimal sanitation, please wear slippers in all areas of the spa. In the steam room, sit on a towel, and lastly, if there is time, please take a quick shower prior to massage.
  • In body wraps and scrubs, as well as for bikini waxing, we provide disposable garments for your privacy and comfort.
  • If you are having a hydrotherapy bath, we have bathing suits you can wear, or you may want to bring one from home.
  • For facial treatments, remove earrings and necklaces, and have the area from your chest to the top of your head accessible for treatment.

What to say:

  • During your treatment, ask questions and give feedback to your therapist to enhance your experience, but don’t feel it’s necessary to entertain your therapist. Most will follow your cue re: how chatty you wish to be.
  • If you are taking any medications, have any injuries (old or new) or medical conditions, are under a doctor’s care or pregnant, PLEASE tell your therapist so the appropriate treatment can be administered.

Silence is golden:

  • PLEASE turn off your cell phones, and speak in quiet tones in public areas of the spa. The spa is a place of physical and emotional renewal – please respect your fellow spa-goers contemplative space.
  • As you leave, if you have any feedback for the spa or your therapist, please let the staff know – good or bad, feedback helps us be better.


It is appropriate to tip your therapist if your service was good – just as you would in a restaurant. Typical gratuities are usually 15 – 20%. Most spas will collect and hold your gratuity as you check out – it is usually inappropriate to tip your therapist directly.

When to arrive, when to leave:

Your appointment time has been reserved for you, so give yourself plenty of time to reach the spa, get checked in, steam and shower, etc. prior to your appointment. If you are late, often your treatment will be cut short in order to keep the spa on schedule. Before and after your treatment(s) we welcome you to linger in blissful tranquility to your heart’s content.

No smoking! (need we say more????)

Booking, changing, and canceling appointments:

Most spa appointments must be booked in advance – often days or weeks depending on the day and the number of services. And since the time is reserved just for you, we have a cancellation policy offering a window of time (24 hours for individual appointments, 48 hours for group appointments) in which appointments may be changed or cancelled without penalty. Please give us ample notice of changes or cancellations, in order that we may make the time available for other clients, and so that you may avoid cancellation charges.

Make the most of your spa visit:

The spa is a place of renewal, a way to escape everyday rigors and recharge your batteries. Try to shed your stress and worries while you are here and soak in the positive energy that surrounds you – you will find yourself energized and with a better outlook upon your departure.

Most important rule:

It’s ok to hug your therapist! We love to give and get hugs so if the humor strikes you – give a hug!


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