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Secrets of World Traveler: Stress-Free Travel Tips

Secrets of World Traveler: Stress-Free Travel Tips

Secrets of World Traveler: Stress-Free Travel Tips

Spa Gregorie’s world travelers compiled the best kept travel secrets and tips to keep you hydrated, relaxed, and refreshed during international or long domestic flights.

1. Stay Hydrated: Drink as much water as possible and avoid drinking alcohol. Take Emergen-C, packets (available at health food stores and Trader Joe’s) to add to your water to increase hydration, stimulate your immune system, and protect you from germs. Emergen-C also contains potassium which helps prevent swollen feet and legs.

2. Spritz Your Skin: Travel with a small spray bottle or Epicuren’s Propolis Mist and frequently spritz your face to keep skin hydrated. Propolis Mist is antibacterial and anti viral to protect you from your immediate environment.

3. Protect Your Nose: Apply Neosporin inside your nose to coat the fine cilia hairs. This, in conjunction with Emergen-C will help you prevent catching viruses during flights.

4. Skin Splendor: Remove all makeup before your flight. Skin pores open up at the high altitudes and absorb makeup. Arcona’s Triad pads are wonderful for easy makeup removal. Take skin care samples and apply eye cream and thick night cream or moisturizer on long flights to prevent skin dehydration.

5. Get in the Zone: Adjust your watch or iPod before takeoff to adjust to the time change prior to arrival. Also take jetlag remedies such as Melatonin or ‘No Jet Lag’, available at Mother’s or other health food stores.

6. Aid Digestion: Eat before you board and avoid eating large meals to cut down on jetlag time and aid digestion. Take a probiotic (good bacteria pills) a week prior to traveling and continue taking while traveling to avoid digestive problems – it is great for your skin and is available at Mother’s or other health food stores.

7. Relax Muscles: Travel with a neck pillow and stretch periodically to prevent muscle tightness and cramping. Apply Anti-Flamme (available at Spa Gregorie’s), a miracle cream for headaches and tight muscles, to any areas that may become tight or sore.

8. Lovely Landings: Apply a hydrating face mask the first night after your flight to soothe and refresh your skin. We suggest the Epicuren Hydrate Mineral Wet Mask.

9. Beauty Sleep: Soak in a Detox Mineral bath (such as Detox Spa available at Spa Gregorie’s) when you return home to help you sleep like a baby and feel rejuvenated. Or bring pure lavender essential oil, a versatile oil that can be used for a variety of common ailments, add 10-20 drops in a warm bath to help you relax and sleep.

10. Combat Jetlag: Schedule a Massage and/or Acupuncture at a local spa to soothe achy muscles and eliminate jetlag.

The detox bath, skincare, and other products mentioned are available for purchase at our eStore.


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