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Post-Summer Skin Rehab

Post-Summer Skin Rehab

Post-Summer Skin Rehab

Buff and Bronze pakWe spent months getting ready for the sunniest, warmest, most fabulous time of the year. But by the time the weather cools, you might be left feeling dried out. Here are some treatments to get your skin feeling softer, looking younger and ready for fall.

  1. Exfoliating your face is key after a summer of sun and sunscreen. Achieve an after summer dewier glow by removing the upper layer of skin that has thickened and harden over the past couple of months. Brighten your post-summer complexion with a brightening scrub or enzyme peel.
  2. Dry cracked feet? Right before bedtime, soak them in warm water. Use a loofah or pumice stone to slough off rough skin. Gently pat feet dry then lather on a creamy moisturizer.
  3. Your hair is probably in need of a drink. Use a deep conditioner to help smooth and seal the outer layer of your hair, restoring its bounce, strength and body after a summer of damaging salt water, chlorine, and wind.


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