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How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 4

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 4

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 4

(Part 4 of 7)  By Sophie Parmenter, Spa Gregorie’s Lead Esthetician and Trainer

What triggers breakouts? I will go over the main culprits…

  1. Internal Acne Aggravators
  2. External Acne Aggravators
  3. You are what you eat



Your diet shows on your skin–you are what you eat has good meaning.  I’ve been reading many articles on the rise in hormones in our foods that we eat.  I recommended all organic meat and dairy products to avoid those extra hormones we don’t need.  Limit dairy intake, and opt for almond milk instead.  Sugar and white flour feed the bacteria that cause acne, so avoid these as well.

My typical clear skin diet would be oatmeal with berries or organic eggs with ezekiel toast for breakfast. For lunch, a salad of mixed greens with wild salmon or free range chicken, and snack on apples with almond butter and nuts for protein in between meals. For dinner, I love brown rice with veggies and organic lean protein or wraps with asparagus, sprouts and hummus. 

Be creative with your foods.  Just remember to eat live, non-packaged and non-processed foods. Load up on lots of fresh water and pure cranberry juice to cleanse the liver.  And treat yourself to some organic dark chocolate (A must in my book!)

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