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Conquer Aging, Part 1

Conquer Aging, Part 1

Conquer Aging, Part 1

By Sophia Parmenter, Lead Esthetician at Spa Gregorie’s

Aging defined:  “Everything ‘good’ decreases and everything ‘bad’ increases.” For example, decreased production of collagen, moisture loss, lack of energy, increase in cholesterol, high blood pressure and increase in inflammatory chemicals.

The good news is that the future of aging treatments are on the upstream. Ingredients in skincare now focus on the cell where the skin originates, so they are preventing not just treating! Not just skincare, but advanced facial treatments offered at Spa Gregorie’s address numerous aging concerns.

First, let’s touch on home care for anti-aging and wrinkles:

At Spa Gregorie’s, we offer 2 very advanced skincare lines, Epicuren and Arcona. We recommend an AM and a PM skincare routine, for when you sleep is the best time to do a treatment on your skin.

AM Skincare Tips:

Free radical damage which we are exposed everyday causes aging. To combat this, reach for products containing antioxidants, such as:

  • Vitamin C reverses aging, lightens and tightens the skin actually corrects sun damage.
  • Two of my favorites! Arcona Youth Serum or Booster Serum both packed with high antioxidants.
  • Epicuren’s ORAC serum protects you from the environment which contributes to extrinsic aging, and also contains Goji berries (a superfood) and Trehelose from the succulent plant along with sea whip. These 3 ingredients hydrate and calm inflammation which can cause aging!

Follow these serums with a powerful Peptide cream. Peptides communicate with the fibroblasts to stimulate collagen production and elastin, so consider it your topical Botox! Peptides shorten the width and length of the wrinkle, thicken the skin and/or produce collagen–very amazing!

  • Ultima Peptide anti aging serum by Epicuren
  • Peptide Hydrating Serum by Arcona

Wear these serums in the morning to control facial expressions.

As we age the skin barrier becomes broken down and less able to rebuild and support itself. As a result we become increasingly more sensitive to cosmetics, environment, water, etc. To repair, try the Soothe Dermal Repair Balm and Mist filled with Shea Butter and licorice extracts that rebuild and strengthen the skin.

Finally, an absolute must is a daily sunscreen. We love the Epicuren Zinc Perfecting Sunscreen 27. This antioxidant sunscreen has no chemicals, contains daisy extract to help lighten any freckles or pigmentation issues, and contains a 100% antioxidant cocktail to protect the cell for the UV rays!


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