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Can Aluminum Foil Be Harmful to Our Health?

Can Aluminum Foil Be Harmful to Our Health?

Can Aluminum Foil Be Harmful to Our Health?

Exposure to metals in our food:  Studies clearly show the migration of small amounts of aluminum when we use aluminum foils, cookware and utensils. One study conducted in Italy showed about 2-6 milligrams of aluminum was found to move over into food from aluminum foils, cookware, and utensils. Even if this amount sounds low, it is the repeated exposure over time that poses chronic, long-term health issues.  Better choices for cooking include stainless and ceramic cookware and stainless utensils.  Use parchment paper instead of aluminum foil in the oven and store foods in glass containers.

Long-term health issues:  Exposure to aluminum from all sources, including the environment, certain workplace settings, personal care products, etc. can pose a long-term health threat from repeated exposure over long periods of time.  Potential connections have been found between certain cancers and aluminum, and also between aluminum exposure and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.  Infertility has also been linked to aluminum exposure.

Environmental issues:  While aluminum foil is definitely lightweight, flexible, and convenient, there are consequences of aluminum foil manufacturing for our planet. Aluminum remains on the federal government’s list of priority toxins for the United States, and its mining, manufacture, and post-use disposal pose significant problems for our environment.


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