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A Day with Essential Oils

A Day with Essential Oils

A Day with Essential Oils

Spa Gregorie’s Newport Beach Spa Manager, Amanda shares her daily schedule and how she uses Aromatherapy essential oils in various ways throughout her day:  

7:00am          Wake up with Peppermint and Citrus Bliss – Put a few drops in my palms, smell it, rub on back of neck

7:15am           Turn diffuser on with Elevation and Balance

7:30am           Healthy superfood granola with On Guard or Cinnamon Bark, plus Green Tea with Fennel

7:45am           DNA repair blend in capsule – includes 4 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Wild Orange,  2 drops Clove, and 2 drops On Guard

8:15am           Exercise. Utilize Breathe (helps from getting winded), and Lemongrass, Deep Blue and Aroma Touch to help with sore muscles. Also add Lemon in water

8:45am           Sauna and apply Eucalyptus on temples, back of neck and bottom of feet

9:30am          Grapefruit all over body for cellulite and skin tone. Lotion with added Lemongrass or Lavender

9:45am           Brush Teeth with On Guard Toothpaste. Spot treat fine lines and eye area with Immortelle and Frankincense

10:00am        Arrive to work and balance emotions of the day: Elevation, Balance, Lavender, Citrus Oils, Frankincense, and Breathe

11:00am        Co-worker is sick with the flu; diffuse On Guard throughout the spa. Also prepare capsule with Oregano, On Guard and Melaleuca

12:00pm        After Lunch, take 4 drops Digestzen in capsule

3:00pm          Headache starting to come – apply Frankincense and Peppermint on temples, back of neck and smell it. Feel immediately relieved

7:00pm          Arrive home to anxious dog. Apply Lavender to back of dog’s neck for immediate calming

8:30pm          Clean counters with Lemon, Lavender & Lemongrass, mist carpets with favorite oil and vacuum, and wash sheets in Purify and mist with Balance or On Guard

9:00pm          Prepare for bed time. Diffuse Lavender or Serenity and apply topically


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