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5 Tips for the Spa-lidays

5 Tips for the Spa-lidays

5 Tips for the Spa-lidays

Whether you are winding down from a long day of shopping, or rejuvenating your skin for tonight’s holiday get-together, let Spa Gregorie’s help you make the most of your holiday season with our “5 Tips for the Spa-lidays”:

  1. Hydrate: Although we love the chilly winter days, for some, they bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands and feet. Drink lots of water, use cream cleansers instead of foaming cleansers, apply a hydrator religiously, and seek out the best balm for your chapped lips (we recommend the Epicuren Enzyme Lip Balm with SPF 15). In addition, try a homemade sugar and olive oil face and body scrub, which also makes a great holiday gift! Click here for the recipe.
  2. Focus on Fun, not Food: Yes, we know its hard to resist that homemade chocolate cake Aunt Sally brought, but that does not mean it’s the only thing that will make your holiday great this year. Instead, indulge in the other confections of the holiday season, whether it’s caroling or decorating the Christmas tree.
  3. Take time to relax: We understand how easy it is to feel not so wonderful at this most wonderful time of year. With the shopping and crowds, the back-to-back diet-busting parties and the long chats with the in-laws, it can be hard to find relaxation and rejuvenation. So we encourage you to plan a day, an hour, or even just a few minutes to take a deep breathe and focus on the reasons for the holidays, rather than the stresses of the holidays.
  4. Do it yourself: If you are creatively inclined, avoid the holiday crowds altogether. Nothing says “I Love You” better than a handmade gift from the heart. Bake a batch of cookies, sew a relaxing neck wrap, or create personalized candles for friends and family. Whatever it is, those you care about will appreciate your thought. The best gifts are the ones you create!
  5. Remember what’s important: Year after year the holiday shopping list gets longer and longer, causing you to forget what this time of year is all about. It is important to remember to celebrate the gifts of your life, rather than the gifts from the department store. Spend time with your family by watching your favorite holiday movie, volunteer at a local homeless shelter, or see if you can find the best neighborhood light show. We guarantee that whatever you choose to do, it will make your holidays that much more enjoyable.

Happy Spalidays from Spa Gregorie’s!


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