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10 Tips to Look and Feel Slimmer

10 Tips to Look and Feel Slimmer

10 Tips to Look and Feel Slimmer

Looking and staying slim sounds wonderful. But taking drastic measures, not eating, going to the gym for hours each day, or suffering through a diet doesn’t.  So the therapists at Spa Gregorie’s Day Spas & Salons put together their list of easy tips to incorporate into your life to get slimmer with little effort.

Check out their 10 tips to help you appear and actually be slimmer!

    1. Fix Your Posture & Stand up Straight – When you slouch over, it causes your body squish together and look shorter and wider. When you stand up straight and have good posture, you stretch out your body mass and increase your height, causing you to look thinner.  And whenever possible, slip on a pair of high heels.  Heels give your legs a longer, leaner appearance and encourage a better posture.
    2. Know What to Wear, and What Not To – Opt for materials that skim the body, rather than cling to it. Wear shift dresses to show off your legs and arms, while detracting away from the stomach. Wear a bold piece of jewelry to draw the eyes up or a skinny belt around a tunic shirt to accentuate Your Waist.  Finally, invest in some good underwear.  Wearing the right undergarments is very important to give you a much slimmer physique.
    3. Go to Bed Early – Even if you’re eating right and exercising, it can be extra hard to do these if you are missing out on sleep. When you are sleep-deprived, stress hormones rise as well as belly fat.  So call it an early night and get some shut-eye.
    4. Watch What You Drink – Skip ANY carbonated drink (not just soda) as the bubbles in carbonated drinks will make you instantly bloated.  Also sugary beverages like soda and juice can contain a lot of calories and they don’t make you full. Swap these out for low- or no-calorie beverages and you will slim down naturally.
    5. Slow Down and ENJOY Each Bite – Your brain can take up to 20 minutes to realize that your stomach is full.  When you get into a situation when you have to scarf down food, you will probably end up feeling like you over-ate not long after. Slow down and savor every bite, to keep you from eating too much and to enjoy your delicious meal.
    6. Invest in Spray TanningA spray tan is perfect to get that sun-kissed look but also works as a wonderful slimming trick.  A spray tan treatment can knock inches off your silhouette and help you appear toned and trimmed in minutes.  Not only does a tan hide cellulite, it can create shape and add definition around the stomach, neckline and thighs.
    7. Drink More Water – Surprisingly, many people reach for food when their body is actually thirsty. Drink at least 8 bottles of water per day to keep you hydrated.  Increasing your water intake will also flush out any excess sodium in your system – and the resulting bloating caused by water retention.
    8. Add Vinegar to Everything – The acetic acid in vinegar can fight fat. In one research study, women who drank a beverage containing 1 or 2 tablespoons of vinegar every day had a lower body weight, BMI and visceral fat than those women who didn’t.
    9. Add Whole Grains & Protein to your diet – Whole grains help reduce the production of insulin AND your body’s signals to store fat.  Also by eating them, you are probably staying away from the empty white carbs. Adding protein to your meals will keep you full significantly longer between meals.
    10. Confidence – Remember nobody is perfect. What you wear plays a role in how you look, but how you carry yourself is even more important. You best accessories are your confidence and smile.  Health-wise it is important to shed those extra pounds, but until then, embrace the body you have!

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