Manicures & Pedicures

A hand or foot treatment at Spa Gregorie’s is unlike any other on Earth! Lavender and Sea Salts are used as our basic soak, offering superior exfoliating and moisturizing qualities. A warm radiant neck pillow soothes the neck and shoulders while our expert staff provides an unforgettable natural nail manicure and/or pedicure.

Tough as Nails Gel Manicure
Available at both Spa Gregorie’s Nail Salons

The highly popular no-chip gel manicure that cures in seconds and lasts for weeks. Choose from GELeration by Jessica or CND Shellac. Here are some highlights of the gel manicure:

  • Available in an array of best-selling custom colors
  • High-gloss shine that dries instantly
  • Strengthens and protects natural nails
  • Easily applied or removed in minutes by a Spa Gregorie’s nail technician
  • Cures in a few seconds under an LED Lamp
  • Shaped to your nail so it’s natural-looking and flexible
  • Removal causes no damage to natural nail

Gel Manicure Pricing:
Initial Application
, 75 minutes, $55
Soak Off and Reapplication, 90 minutes, $65
Soak Off & Lavender & Sea Salts Manicure, 60 minutes, $45
Soak Off Only, 15 minutes, $15
French Finish Add-On, 15 minutes, $10

Spa Manicures and Pedicures

The Bedicure
Enjoy a relaxing manicure or pedicure in the comfort of a facial bed.
That’s right, our nail technician will perform your nail service while you are cozily tucked under a soft plush blanket and blissfully relaxing, or even sleeping.
Add $5 more for either manicure or pedicure (Available only in RSM)

Spa Signature Pedicure
A SPAtacular Pedicure! Includes aromatherapy soak, exfoliation, choice of marine masque or paraffin dip, moisturizer and polish. Your legs and feet are silky smooth, refreshed, and impeccably groomed! You’ll feel like you’re walking on air!
75 minutes $60
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Spa Signature Manicure
A treat for your hands and arms! We will soak and exfoliate your skin, then apply a masque or dip in paraffin, followed by massage, moisturizer, and polish. An all-natural toning and hydrating treatment for the hands.
60 minutes $45
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Lavender & Sea Salts Manicure
Make a statement with well groomed nails. Cleanse and shape your nails, trim the cuticles, massage, then finish off with buff or polish. For men and women.
45 Minutes $35 Gift Me Now!

Lavender & Sea Salts Pedicure
This fabulous pedicure begins with a relaxing soak and continues with exfoliation of dead skin, nail shaping, cuticle work, massage, and polish.
60 minutes $50 Gift Me Now!

The Ultimate Detail Pedicure
Sea salts soak, exfoliation from the tip of your toes to your knees, detail calloused areas, clean and shape the nails, trim the cuticles, triple paraffin dip, then polish and finish off with a dusting powder.
WOW! 90 minutes $85 Gift Me Now!

Dr. Roth Pedicure
Embarrassed to show those toes? We know how you feel and we have the answer with the Dr. Roth pedicure.  Dr. Roth is a world-famous podiatrist who has developed an effective, all-natural remedy for foot and nail fungus. By combining regular treatments with Dr. Roth’s homecare, you will eliminate embarrassing fungus and have beautiful hands and feet you’ll want to show off!
Initial Visit: $100 (includes $40 foot care kit), Subsequent Visits: $65 Gift Me Now!

Mother-to-Be Signature Pedicure
While you are listening to soothing lullabies, we will baby your legs and feet to relieve that heavy and tired sensation. A detailed pedicure, plus a cooling marine masque, circulation-enhancing massage, and cooling leg gel.
75 minutes $70 Gift Me Now!

Gentleman’s Manicure
A well manicured man is certainly a symbol of success. Our Gentleman’s Manicure communicates your sense of refinement and is the quintessence of superb grooming.
45 minutes $30 Gift Me Now!

Nail Service Add-Ons:
Polish Change $15
Nail Repair $5 per nail
Paraffin Dip $10
French Manicure or Pedicure $8 additional
Add-on 15 minute massage to any nail service $25

Gehwol Medical Grade Therapeutic Treatment Add-on $15

Soothing Soles Ultimate Foot Repair
Completely rid your feet of dead skin, leaving you with the softest feet you have ever known!
$20 (included in Ultimate Detail Pedicure)

Private Manicure/Pedicure Suite

Imagine getting your next spa manicure or pedicure while enjoying the quiet and luxuries of your own private suite.

The Manicure and Pedicure Suite features a Sanijet pedicure throne fit for royalty, a full size manicure table, and the use of luxurious products such as: Jessica, Essie, Epicuren and Decleor.

Tips for Spa Guests
We ask that you do not shave or wax your legs 24 hours before a pedicure. Shaving and waxing increase the risk of infection. If you have broken skin or open sores on your lower legs, it is not advised to get a pedicure.

Sterilization Policy
At Spa Gregorie’s, we are dedicated to our clients’ safety and comfort. As part of this commitment, the cleanliness and sanitation of our pedicure spas is of the utmost importance.

Before and after each client we clean and sanitize all surfaces using a disinfectant solution and scrub brush to clean tub, jets, and screens. Then the tub is filled with clean water and the whirlpool is flushed thoroughly with a complete rinse cycle. This complies with State Board of Cosmetology requirements for sanitation.

At the end of each day we do the same as above along with a mild detergent and flush the whirlpool system for 10 min. This also meets the State Board of Cosmetology requirements.

State Board requires deep cleaning and disinfection of whirlpool foot spas every other week. However, at our Spa, a deep cleaning is done at least twice a week, more if needed. This is done by cleaning, sanitizing, and scrubbing each tub, then filling and flushing the whirlpool system with mild detergent and bleach solution. We then run the whirlpool for 10 min. or longer and let stand overnight. This is more than double what is required by the State Board of Cosmetology and it’s done each week rather than every other week.

We also use clean and sanitized implements for our manicures and pedicures.

You can be confident that all of your spa services are delivered under the highest standards of safety and sanitation. Enjoy!