The Somadome somadome

Somadome is the world’s first technology-enabled meditation vessel.  Merging ancient healing remedies with modern technology, the dome is a personal meditation pod providing meaningful stress relief in exactly 20 minutes. Somadome users can experience everything from enhanced creativity, greater focus, getting in the zone athletically, reduced anxiety and depression, less reactivity, improved performance at work, better sleep patterns, a sense of connectedness and alignment with inner knowing and more – Somadome is the ultimate sanctuary for mindful bodies worldwide.

“Tried the Somadome and enjoyed the experience! Liked how there were various tracks to choose from. I chose one with multiple brain waves, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta. I could feel various sensations in my body as the meditation unfolded and traveled through the different waves.”

Cost per 20 minute session: $40

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The Somadome gave me a place to fully relax and allow my mind to gravitate towards positivity, it’s an invigorating new way for me to meditate and de-stress, with the guided meditations and light sensations…you really feel at peace.

— Kacey G BSN, RN