(CAM) Complementary Modalities & Therapies

Learn About Complementary Modalities & Therapies at Gregorie’s

Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine, but is used as therapies for a wide variety of diseases or conditions, and use of CAM has increased in recent years.

Some examples of Complementary Modalities and Therapies at Gregorie’s – using Reiki to help lessen a patient’s discomfort following surgery, and likewise using acupuncture to help with side effects of cancer treatment.


CAM Services


Reiki is an energetic healing technique in which the therapist serves as a conduit or channel for “Universal Life Energy” (aka “chi”, “prana”, “life force”, “God”, “Spirit”), which flows through the therapist to you for healing, cleansing, purifying.  It is a simple and yet profound healing technique that can be administered either ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’.

60 minutes $129 ~ 30 minutes (standalone or add on) $74



Cranio Sacral

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch manual therapy used to address restriction in the spinal cord and skull (the nervous system main components) and as a result influences all regions of the body.  Non-invasive touch techniques are used to detect and resolve restrictions and imbalances.  This therapy enhances the body’s natural healing process and is especially effective in addressing pain, physical dysfunction, and nervous tension.

60 Minutes $129 ~ 75 Minutes (recommended) $147




Also known as “Thai” massage, this therapy combines yogalike stretches with massage, for some very profound stress relief. We will stretch, knead, and twist all the tension out of your muscles in a series of movements often called ‘lazy man’s yoga’. The massage (just like yoga postures) also has a purifying effect, leaving you relaxed, relieved, and centered. A must try! Please bring or wear loose, stretch clothing for this massage.

75 minutes $147