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Skincare for Your Body

Woman sitting on massage table with mask on her back. Example of a body treatment.

Skincare for Your Body

When we talk about skincare, we often only focus on the face and neck. But the skin is the largest organ of the body and part of the same system which includes our hair and nails. So just as we regularly care for our hair and nails, we must care for the skin on our body which is its first defense against outside forces.

Fall is the perfect time to book a treatment to care for not only the skin on your face, but the skin all over your body that probably needs some TLC after the warm summer months. Even during other parts of the year, you may be feeling like your skin is crepey, dry, dull, or rough. Spa Gregorie’s massages feature Epicuren After Bath Lotion which contains active enzymes to promote cell turnover and healthy youthful skin. Massages also promote circulation to the skin, which helps improve skin regeneration. If you want a super targeted treatment for your body, our body treatments are a great option as well. They all include full body exfoliation, application of a serum and mask, and the use of warmth to increase the penetration of the products into the skin. Ending with a moisturizer all over the body, you’ll have fresh, beautiful, radiance all over. Call us to book your appointment now!

We also found an awesome article from Dosing Health that talks about the importance of skincare for your body. Click here to read it now.


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