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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Slow the Aging Process

10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Slow the Aging Process

10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Slow the Aging Process

Compiled by the licensed therapists at Spa Gregorie’s Day Spa & Salon in Del Mar.

  1. Eat fruit and vegetables – There is good evidence that oxidative-damage caused by toxins and metabolism contributes to the aging process at a cellular level. Foods like fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants protect us from oxidative stress and help with hydration. Vitamin C in particular can help benefit skin by reversing sun damage and slowing the aging process.
  2. Moisturize – The appearance of your skin is largely dependent upon moisture. Help it out by using moisturizers to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Come see a licensed Spa Gregorie’s esthetician to determine what type of moisturizer is best for you.
  3. Sleep – Studies show that poor sleep can contribute to increased risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, obesity and weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Good quality of sleep is one of the most important aspects for achieving a healthier life, and research shows that a minimum of 7-8 hours is needed for the average adult.
  4. Wear sunscreen – Living in Southern California, our incidence of skin cancer is dramatically increased due to our love of the outdoors combined with increased sun exposure. Keep skin safe from damage and help prevent wrinkles by applying sunscreen everyday!  Look for sunscreens that contain a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 for routine exposure, one where both UVA and UVB protecting ingredients are present, and make sure to reapply sunscreen after water exposure or every 2 hours while outdoors.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone – Mental exercise seems to be one of the key elements of quality aging.  Go out of your way to challenge yourself mentally, doing things like traveling and learning a new language, no matter what your age.
  6. Eat beans and lentils – Legumes are a fabulous source of minerals that can help keep your skin hydrated and looking young.
  7. Strength training – Building strong, toned muscles is one of the most effective ways to look younger than your years. Ask anyone who looks fabulous and they’ll swear by strength training. A little goes a long way.
  8. Red wine – Red wine contains a powerful anti-aging compound known as resveratrol. Though it is unlikely that the dosage of resveratrol in red wine is high enough to impact lifespan, drinking alcohol in moderation is also associated with decreased risk of heart disease and other vascular problems. So enjoy a glass!
  9. Never go to bed wearing makeup! – Make sure to wash your face every night, no exceptions!  And for those nights when you’re too tired to wash, buy a pack of facial cleansing wipes from Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line or the amazing Triad Pads from Arcona.
  10. Be happy – The physical damage caused to your body by stress has only recently become appreciated by the scientific community. Fill your life with things you love and work to eliminate the rest. Practice stress relieving activities like meditation, exercise and massage, and learn to appreciate joy when you find it. Happiness does the body, and the skin, good.

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