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Conquer Aging, Part 3

Conquer Aging, Part 3

Conquer Aging, Part 3

By Sophia Parmenter, Lead Esthetician at Spa Gregorie’s

In Part 1 of our “Conquer Aging” blog series, we defined aging, discussed the importance of an AM and PM skincare routine, and gave you some helpful AM skincare tips. In Part 2 we discuss PM Skincare Tips and the rejuvenating facials for younger looking skin. For the final part, we will give you tips for looking beautiful at any age!

Tips for Looking Beautiful at Any Age:

You can achieve ageless beauty through the foods you consume internally.

  • Eating a primarily plant based diet will help the skin glow.
  • One great option is a salad packed with all the goodies in the fresh vegetable section.
  • Avoid sugar and white flour.
  • Eat salmon and organic when possible.
  • Foods high in Vitamins A, C and E help delay or slow free radical damage to cells and tissue.
  • As we age, our hair and nails seem to become weak. Strengthen them with raw foods containing high amounts of minerals, sulfur, silicon, zinc, iron and manganese.
  • Either juicing or making smoothies with spinach, kale, berries, pineapple, and high grade protein powder will have you and your hair, nails & skin glowing in no time.

Eating this way helps to maintain the proper acid/alkaline ph balance in the body, which is very important!

BONUS: Recommended reading, “Eating For Beauty” by David Wolfe

With an increase in menopause and hormonal issues, the skin dramatically changes.

  • Adding healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocados are amazing.
  • Maca, a Peruvian root, can be added to morning smoothies to help regulate hormones and improve mood, memory and stamina.

For pain and inflammation in the body, look to add Tumeric and Ginger to your diet. Both can be purchased in root form at the health food store and added straight to smoothies. Or you can purchase in tea or powder form. Tumeric and Ginger have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, antioxidant and anti-microbe factors!

Last but not least, stress plays a BIG role in aging. Find something you love such as spin, Pilates, yoga, gardening, or walking to help you de-stress. Then treat yourself to the spa for an amazing way to recharge.

Spring is here, take time to renew.


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