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How to get (and keep!!) the perfect spray tan

How to get (and keep!!) the perfect spray tan

  1. Why is it so important to exfoliate prior to tanning? 

Our Buff & Bronze Package ensures an even, long-lasting safe tan by combining a full body exfoliation (scrub) followed by a custom spray tan. Key to the success of your spray tan is that all the dead skin that exists on the surface of our bodies is completely removed so that the tanning solution can react directly with the skin to provide a healthy glow.  It’s also wise to schedule your tan at a time when you will not be needing to shower or sweat for several hours, (we recommend at least 8 hours).  Many of our guests get their spray tans late in the day, so they can rest and sleep before exercising and showering.  It’s also wise to towel off gently after your first shower as the tan may still be developing and you don’t want to interrupt that!

  1. Why is spray tanning so popular?

Spray tanning services are gaining popularity mostly due to people’s awareness of the dangers of UV rays from the sun or tanning machines.  Plus, a healthy tan glow is attractive and elevates one’s mood – healthy bronze looks and feels better than pasty white!  Young people as well as old are far more conscious of health concerns and are seeking out healthier products and services as part of their beauty and wellness regimens.

  1. What kind of spray tan we use.

We use an organic solution from a manufacturer whose products are the choice of over 3,000 film and television productions, due to the quality and purity of their solution.  It is paraben-free, suitable for all skin types and provides a completely natural, glowing color. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients available including Certified Organic DHA, Shea Butter, Citrus, Ginseng, and Cucumber. Our solutions are never tested on animals.

  1. How long will your tan last?

A good tan (on a perfectly exfoliated body) can last upwards of 7 days.  To help extend your tan, we recommend a body lotion with a small dose of DHA (the tanning agent, which is a derivative of sugar cane!!) in it.  This will not only keep the skin hydrated, but will continue to develop a beautiful glow.  Also good to avoid exfoliant after tanning on your body as that will accelerate the tan ‘fading’.

  1. How is hand-spraying the tanning solution better than other application methods?

We prefer hand-spraying (as opposed to machines) for several reasons:

1)  Everyone’s body is different.  For a perfect tan application, the spray nozzle needs to be about  8-10 inches from the body.  Since our bodies are not perfect cubes, the location of the spray nozzle needs to adjust to each individual’s body shape, as well as different locations on the body (think inside arms and legs…can’t get to those very well in a machine).

2)  When getting a custom spray tan, the technician will observe parts of the body that may be absorbing more or less of the solution and adjust accordingly.

3)  Spray tanning offers a more even and less-streaky result than hand application of tanning lotion.  It also dries more quickly so less chance of solution being rubbed off accidentally.



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