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10 Ways Kissing Improves Your Health

10 Ways Kissing Improves Your Health

Everyone enjoys a good kiss. What’s not to like? The reasons people kiss range from saying hello and goodbye, to getting in the mood. With all the wonderful health benefits that are associated with kissing you can add ten more great things to that list.

1. Boost Your Happy Hormones

You know how kissing gives you that really happy and comforting feeling? That’s because when you kiss someone your body releases feel-good chemicals that go flooding to your brain. The chemicals known as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are the chemicals responsible for leaving you feeling swoon and satisfied after you pucker up.

 2. Helps You to Connect

There’s a reason you feel closer to someone after you’ve locked lips. The happy hormone Oxytocin that gets released when you kiss is also responsible for making you feel connected to your kissing buddy. The bonding chemical has been linked to making people feel attached and affection after they kiss. Getting closer to your significant other has never been so easy.

 3. Boost Your Self Esteem

Of course, your self-esteem goes up after someone has planted a sweet kiss on you! Not only do you feel more attractive because the action itself shows interest, but your mood has also improved giving you an overall self-esteem boost. And now you’re ready to take on the day.

4. Relieves Stress

Thanks to the happy hormones that get released when you kiss, you are automatically in a better mood after you’ve kissed someone. This elevation of mood allows you to relieve some stress. Not to mention the kiss helps you to momentarily stop thinking about whatever is stressing you out. You know what they say “Hard day? Kiss away!”

5. Reduces Your Blood Pressure

Having a heart-pounding kiss doesn’t just mean you’re enjoying the kiss, it also means you’re reducing your blood pressure. Kissing increases your heart rate which in turn dilates your blood vessels. This allows for more blood to circulate through your body and your blood pressure to go down. Prescribe me that kind of medicine anytime!

6. Boosts Your Immune System

When you were a kid kissing was gross because you could get cooties, well now that you’re an adult, embrace those cooties. Studies have shown that the germs you get exposed to while kissing can help your body build antibodies. As the antibodies build, so does your immune system. No need for a cootie shot.

7. Improves Your Libido

It’s no secret that kissing can lead to something much more steamy. All those feel-good chemicals you get when you kiss help you to feel aroused. If you’re looking to get in the mood, start off with a sweet and passionate kiss. The more you do it the more in the mood you’ll get.

8. Makes You Look Younger

Having a good kissing session does more than make you feel young, it can make you look young as well. When you kiss someone you are tightening the muscles in your face. Kissing also increases blood flow to your face and stimulate collagen production, contributing to antiaging. Kissing is like yoga for the face.

9. Burns Calories

Yes, kissing burns calories! It doesn’t burn a ton of calories but it still burns some and every calorie counts. If you’re really trying to get in a good kissing workout you might want to add some tongue action. Doing that can help you burn up to 26 calories a minute.

10. Better Mouth Hygiene

Among all the other amazing things kissing does for you, cleaning your mouth is something you can add to the list. When you kiss your mouth produces more saliva. Your saliva has acid in it which helps breaks down plaque and stains in your mouth when you kiss.




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