Spa G’s Signature Line

Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line
Available at all 3 locations!  

Spa G’s Signature Line celebrated its one year anniversary in February 2010!
The Line features right-priced top-of-the-line skin care, body care, and soy-based candles

Save without giving up quality, with products ranging from $9-$60.

Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line Skincare


Firms, hydrates, and relieves signs of stress within seconds. Minimizes lines and dark circles, helps eye makeup stay crease free, and instantly eases under eye puffiness with peptides for a rested youthful look.

Price: $32


4 phase age fighting strategy with Hyaluronic Acid, Myoxinol, Dermaxyl, and Astaxanthin. Absorbs moisture from below the skins surface to lift lines and wrinkles from within. Safely relax micro-tension lines, repairs damaged cells, and protects from destructive aging surface radicals.

Paraben and fragrance free.

Price: $38


Gently wipe away every trace of eye makeup in seconds with this fast-acting, oil-free and fragrance-free formula!

 This unique eye makeup remover is strengthened with natural cleansers from the succulent desert Yucca tree and hydrating algae and calming plant extracts that soothe the sensitive eye area. Leaves skin comfortably hydrated without an oily after feel.
Recommended for all skin types. Ophthalmologist-Approved. Safe to use with contact lenses.

Available in
4.5 oz. – Price: $18
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Kick start youthful looking skin with this age fighting Vitamin C Serum!

Vitamin C is one of the few proven antioxidant wrinkle-fighters in skin care that turns on collagen-making genes. Instantly adds a youthful radiance and luminosity to the skin.

Recommended for all for all skin types needing an extra boost of moisture.

Available in 1 oz. – Price: $60
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Visible line smoothing, instantly!

This super age-fighting combo of extra potent Vitamin C and a patented peptide reshapes
deep within your skin’s surface to firm and fill in the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother appearance. This Instant Line
Filler instantly plumps from within the skin’s barrier allowing the skin to become softer and more youthful looking. Apply Smooth
Surface Line Filler throughout the day around the eyes, mouth, between brows, forehead, and other line-filled areas to keep
skin looking fresh and line-free. This must-have product can be used over other skin care products and under/over makeup.

Recommended for all skin types; especially for aging and menopausal skin.

Available in 0.5 oz. – Price: $60
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Volumize, moisturize and smooth thinning lips, and get younger-looking lips in weeks.

Volumizing multi peptides are blended with lush richness of shea butter and antioxidant rich pomegranate and cranberry oils. “Feathering” and fine lines around the mouth are diminished, or eliminated completely. This amazing treatment cream also makes an excellent standalone lip moisturizer or base for lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss.

Available in 0.5 oz. – Price: $38
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An anti-aging moisturizer!

This is a reparative and preventative treatment for the entire face and neck. It provides cumulative
and long-term line and wrinkle minimizing. The magic ingredient – a high performing peptide. Peptides stimulate cell renewal, increase synthesis of the dermal matrix molecule responsible for preserving the skins youth, while aiding in moisture retention.
Peptides also stimulate cells, signaling them to produce more collagen.

Recommended for all skin types, especially for aging and environmentally damaged skin.

Available in 1 oz. – Price: $60
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Easily protect the skin you’re in!

This sheer tinted, 5-in-1 product works as a primer, concealer, light foundation, and moisturizer with SPF 20. It is hydrating yet gives you a natural even skin tone.

Available in three colors: light, medium, and dark.
Recommended for all skin types.

Available in 1.7 oz. – Price: $32
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A resurfacing treatment that safely and effectively buffs away dead skin cells to reveal clean, fresh, radiantly glowing skin.

 This harmonious skin care treatment combines soothing, hydrating ingredients, with the power of natural sapphire crystals and mineral nutrients. This treatment creates an effective alternative, or supplement to microdermabrasion treatments. This product features natural cleansing and antiseptic properties that brighten the complexion, promote cell regeneration, and help to detoxify skin. This is a great product to incorporate into your shower regimen as an at-home maintenance for post facial or microdermabrasion treatments.

Recommended for all skin types.

Available in 2.5 oz. – Price: $40
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Instantly remove makeup anywhere, anytime!

Spa Gregorie’s Makeup Wipes are great for at home or on-the-go to quickly remove makeup and leave skin clean and refreshed. Perfectly packaged with a resealable lid to keep Makeup Wipes moist.

Recommended for all skin types.

25 per package – Price: $9
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Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line Bodycare


Instantly deliver long lasting comfort to dry, cracked, parched skin with age-fighting
antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10.

This age-fighting hand and body lotion is a rich moisturizing lotion that combined co-enzyme Q10, avocado, carrot and natural wood oils, plant extracts and nourishing vitamins A, C, and E to quickly moisturize the skin.

This lotion is never greasy, leaves skin soft for hours, and especially effective on rough, dry cuticles, elbows and heels.

Recommended for all skin types. Does not contain harsh emulsifiers, fragrance or parabens.

Available in 8.5 oz. – Price: $24
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Sooth your senses and gently buff away rough, dry skin with this luxurious blend of soothing white tea, hydrating panthenol, and rice bran micro-beads.

Delicious natural oils of citrus fruits and white flowers are blended into this skin refining sulfate-free body polish to leave every inch of body skin ultra soft, smooth and comfortable.

Rice bran micro-beads and polyethelene gently buff away unwanted dull/dry skin cells, while soothing plan extracts of white tea, chamomile, calendula, cornflower, linden and hypericum promote ultra soft and smooth skin.

Recommended for dry, dehydrated, and rough body skin types

Available in 8.5 oz. – Price: $28
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A creamy lather of pathenol and white tea body wash gently washes without dying or stripping the skin of necessary oils for a great everyday all-over body cleanser!

This gentle sulfate-free body wash is filled with soothing white tea, hydrating pathenol and the delicious natural oils of citrus fruits and white flowers to leave every inch of your body skin clean, fresh and ultra comfortable.

This essential oil blend combines soothing plant extracts of white tea, chamomile, calendula, cornflower, linden and hypericum with a blend of citrus and exotic white flower essential oils.

Recommended for dry, dehydrated, and normal body skin types.

Available in 8.5 oz. – Price: $24
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Fine natural grains of rice bran and walnut shell combine with bamboo and gentle cleansing agents create a luxuriously foaming, exfoliating scrub.

Foaming Skin Polish tones and balances the skin with extracts of ginger root and ginseng. Geranium oil provides a soothing, refreshing sensation that invigorates complexion promotes circulation and healing.

This product works as a dual cleanser and scrub with a foaming action that does not strip the skin of natural moisture.

Can be applied to entire body. Recommended for all body skin types. Paraben free and sulfate free.
Available in 4 oz. – Price: $19
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Polish your skin to a radiant glow!

 Mineral-rich sea salts polishes away dead skin cells, energizes, and hydrates depleted skin, while invigorating peppermint oil awakens the body and enlivens the spirit.

This product is great to use on your entire body and to smooth rough areas such as: feet, heels, elbows, shins, and knees.

Lipid-rich oils of sunflower, hazel nut, avocado and jojoba surround skin cells with replenishing nutrients and moisture and revitalizing skin’s barrier to keep skin luxuriously soft and smooth.

Available in 9 oz. – Price: $28
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Bring your favorite Spa home with a Spa Gregorie’s Signature Soy candle!

Candles are made with essential oils and are available in seven elegant fragrances: Kai Gardenia, Mango, Red Currant, Ginger Peach, White Tea, Pomegranate, and Honey Suckle.

All candles are clean burning, made from vegetable soy wax, and have a burn time is 30-40 hours and cotton lead-free wick.

Available in 6 oz. – Price: $14.95
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Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line Sets

Full Size Body Care Kit

 Go big and save!

The body care kit comes in a natural jute mesh bag and includes the following full-sized favorites: Avocado Q-10 Hand & Body Lotion, Foaming Skin Polish, Panthenol & White Tea Body Wash, and Panthenol & White Tea Body Polish.

(3) Available in 8.5 oz. & (1) in 4 oz.

Price: $69 (a $26 savings!)
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Skin & Body Care Travel Kit

 Perfectly sized and priced for the traveler & person on-the-go!

The travel size kit comes in a conveniently plastic bag with snap closures and includes 4 – 1oz. signature skin & body care products: Avocado Q-10 Hand & Body Lotion, Panthenol & White Tea Body Wash, Panthenol & White Tea Body Polish, and Instant Eye Makeup Dissolving Fluid.

(4) Available in 1 oz. – Price: $15
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Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line- Good for the Skin, Good for the Environment!

-Minimal amount of paper is used, everything is sent digitally when possible

-Recycled paper is used for packaging and for literature when possible

-No animal derived ingredients

-No animal testing

-All packaging is recyclable

-Product is made locally for Spa Gregorie’s which reduces energy and reduces carbon footprint

-The formulation creed was founded on a “do no harm” to human skin outlook and as a result many of the ingredients selected are safer for the environment

-No display boxes are used which wastes paper

-Product is not double boxed in shipping which reduces waste

-Use of recyclable peanuts in shipment

-The Luminaria Hyperboria in the Norwegian Masques is ethically farmed and provides jobs to many people in need in the countries where it is produced. Because of the ethical business practices of the algae many have been able to send their children, brothers, and or sisters to school that most likely would not have the opportunity to provide them with education.

-No Thalates are used that can get into the water stream. (Thalates have been known to cause low sperm count and hormonal dysfunctions in males)

-No Formaldehyde releasing ingredient such as: Imidazolindinyl Urea, Diazolinyl Urea, DhDM Hydantion, and Quaternium – 15

-Products are paraben-free so parabens are not released into runoff which decreases the instance of endocrine disruption to fish and reptiles

-No product contains phthalates – These fragrance stabilizers have been linked to asthma and allergies, have been found in breast milk and the water supply, and are known endocrine disrupters contributing to low sperm count in males and birth defects in both sexes.