Charity/Fundraising Programs

Having trouble thinking of a great fundraiser for your favorite charity? We’ve got the solution to help you raise money and relax!

Raise Money & Relax – A Spa Day at Spa Gregorie’s can be the most enjoyable fundraising event you have ever experienced. Simply choose a date, (Monday through Thursday) and tell all of your constituents, board of directors, and loyal supporters about the opportunity. 15% of the proceeds from 6 or more guests will be donated to your charity. Simple, easy, fundraising with a flair! You can even repeat the Spa Day several times during the year.

Contact Us
Simply contact our group coordinator to arrange for your perfect Spa Day. Your supporters can enjoy one massage or facial or several treatments to complete their day. 15% of the total bill will be donated to your charity. This is a truly wonderful combination of giving and receiving.

  • Decide on a Monday – Thursday date
  • Contact our group coordinator to secure the date
  • Email/contact your constituents/board/loyal supporters to announce the event and get their support. (we request a minimum of 6 participants)
  • Your guests can peruse for a detailed description of all of the services available
  • Your guests call and book their appointments on your special “Spa Day”
  • We will send you a check for 15% of all purchases…both on services & retail products


“You Do So Much For Our Community”
“Because you do so much for our community, and charities, you have my business for life!”
- Donna, Irvine, CA.

“The Hospitality was Great!”
“The hospitality was great, from the phone staff to the therapists! Thank you so much, I will return!”
- Cathy – Dana Point, CA.

“It was amazing – the aestheticians really know what they were doing, and they were so pleasant and helpful. I loved the beautiful dimly lit interior. The atmosphere was so relaxing.”
- Jenny, Los Angeles

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